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Cdu2rl Block Signalling Capacitor Discharge Unit With Ready Led

For a larger layout, where now or in the future, you may wish to operate several points at the same time,
and these may be some distance from the controller, then our CDU2RL is probably more suitable.
THE CDU2RL has wired led, designed to provide an indication on a control panel that the CDU is fully charged.
It is important to wire the led connections correctly.
The red wire is connected to the Ready+ terminal and the Black wire is connected tot he Ready- terminal.
The led can be mounrted through a 5mm hole drilled in the control panel.
The wiring to the led can be extended if necessary.
Model railways which use points primarily use points motor which creates a linear movement of about 5mm (1/4in) of the blades of the points.
To create this movement, the simplest device is the solenoid which consists of a coil of wire wound on a former.
Inside the former is an iron actuator or slug which can be pulled into the coil when the power is applied.
By placing two of these coils end-to-end, a forward and reverse motion can be created.
These arrangements are called 'Switch Machines' or 'Point Motors'.
These two-solenoid point-motors are usually switched by short pulses of electricity.
The pulse length is often determined by the operator or by a simple spring-loaded switch.
But there are several problems with this arrangement. Point motors require a considerable amount of current for their operation.
This means the full capacity of the transformer will be needed and any other items using the same supply will suffer voltage drop during the coil operation.
The high currents can play havoc with switches.
The back emf (reverse voltage) generated by the solenoid is sometimes sufficient to cause sparks and weld the switch closed.
This will keep the current flowing through the solenoid and it will overheat very quickly.
A capacitor discharge unit (CDU) overcomes all these problems.
AC INPUT voltage up to 16v OR DC INPUT voltage up to 24V
Stock Level: 2
Price: £14.95

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